Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hi, I have a daughter. Weird.

These are the facts.

I am married to a 31 year old MAN. 
(I remember when I thought anything past 25 was old...)
I used to be pregnant and now I'm not. 
(At some point you forget that you're not in your natural state and that it will end with a birth)
I am 27 years old. 
(Eh, that's three years away from 30... Let me repeat, 30!!!)
I am someone's mother. 
(I can't be. I'm someone's kid. If I'm a kid, how can I be a mother?)
I have a daughter. 
(I still don't know where she came from)
I was a missionary. 
(Sharing what I believe used to be kinda scary. Now it's seem silly to ever have had apprehensions about it.)
I live thousands of miles away from my parents. 
(Who does that?)
I love Utah. 
(I said I'd never live here. I obviously didn't know what I was taking about.)
I have a dog. 
(A cat is one thing, they are hardly any maintenance at all, but a dog? )
I have a house. 
(Only grown ups have houses...)
I have a car. 
(I would be relying on public transportation right now if I still lived in Sweden;)
I care about yard work. 
(Only grown ups with houses care about that sort of thing!)

I guess what it all adds up to is the inevitable truth that I'm all grow'd up.


It's a sneaky thing, the happening of growing up. You never know when it's going to hit you until you wake up one day and find that your grocery list includes diapers and shaving cream for men...
It is an amazing metamorphosis going from a free radical to being responsible for things greater than you alone.

All strangeness in major changes aside, I've never felt so fulfilled in all my life. 
Hi, I have a daughter. Wonderful.


(The video Kimball made has now had more than 500 hits on YouTube..)