About the Fox and the Owl

Fairytales aren't real.
But sometimes real life stories are fantastic. This is my version of ...happily ever after.

"Once upon a time in a land far far away lived a lonely Fox.
(That's me, Natalie.)
Then one day she came upon an Owl in the great big forest.
(That's Kimball.)
He was wise and clever with an impressive wingspan and they soon fell in love.

Every day since the day they met, has brought them adventure upon adventure, and joy after joy.

The story of the Fox and the Owl has only just begun."


I started calling him the Owl when I noticed how broad his spectrum of knowledge was and how sharp his his eye could be when examining the world around him. His wise advice was something I really needed and admired as I carefully applied it to my life.
He in his turn noted how I was like a clever Fox with a loyal heart and a knack for survival by learning quickly, trusting both intuition and reason.

We truly were and are perfectly matched.